An Honor Unit With Distinction


JROTC Mission

To Motivate Young People To Be Better Citizens.

JROTC Cadet Creed


I am an Army JROTC cadet.

I will always conduct myself to bring credit to my family, country, school, and the corps of cadets.

I am loyal and patriotic.

I am the future of the United States of America.

I do not lie, cheat, or steal and will always be accountable for my actions and deeds.

I will always practice good citizenship and patriotism.

I will work hard to improve my mind and strengthen my body.

I will seek the mantle of leadership and stand prepared to uphold the Constitution and the American way of life.

May God grant me the strength to always live by this creed.

Course Description

JROTC is a leadership program with its focus reflected in the Mission Statement, "To Motivate Young People to Be Better Citizens." It prepares students for leadership roles while making them aware of their rights, responsibilities, and privileges as American citizens. JROTC is a demanding course; most that make an effort enjoy and thrive on the challenge.

Instruction in JROTC is student centered and performance based. Coursework includes: a Service Learning Project every year; participation in weekly physical fitness, to include completion of the Presidential Physical Fitness Program; health, nutrition, drug awareness, and Red Cross first aid, maps and orienteering; safety and marksmanship; patriotic traditions, US Flag, National Anthem, military drill and ceremony; career planning, command and staff assignments, and opportunities for leadership.

Every Monday and Tuesday cadets will conduct Classroom Instruction (Leadership Lab). Cadets are REQUIRED to wear the JROTC ASU (Army Service Uniform) uniform every Wednesday and as directed by the Instructors. Every Thursday cadets will be conducting Drill and Cermony (Cadets must have proper foot wear no open toed shoes). On Friday cadets will be conducting P.T. (Physical Training) to do so Cadets are REQUIRED to wear Physical Fitness Clothes this includes sport shorts and a T-shrit.

JROTC is open to ALL students enrolled at Dunbar High School. Students may take JROTC to meet their graduation requirements or take JROTC as an elective with HOPE. The program at Dunbar High School is organized into units similar to the military and is taught by retired military personnel. JROTC DOES NOT recruit for the military and students that participate in JROTC have NO obligation to the military after high school.

Course Content

  • Leadership

  • Career Opportunities

  • First Aid and Health

  • Cadet Challenge

  • Military History

  • College Preparation

  • Managment Skills

  • Uniform Inspections

  • Drug Preventions

  • Physical Training

  • Role of the U.S. Military Forces

  • Communications

  • Study Habits

  • Making Good Choices

  • Culture & Individual Diversity

  • Dicision Making & Problem Solving

  • Goals Setting



JROTC Instructors

Mario A. Johnson
Lieutenant Colonel, US Army (Retired)
Senior Army Instructor

Scott Varnado
Lieutenant Colonel, US Army (Retired)
Assistant Senior Army Instructor

Pierre Berube
Master Sergeant, US Army (Retired)
Army Instructor

Todd Scott
Master Sergeant, US Army (Retired)
Army Instructor

Vincent Mitchell
Sergeant First Class, US Army (Retired)
Army Instructor

Giovanni Robinson Sr.
Sergeant First Class, US Army (Retired)
Army Instructor

Grade Weight

Leadership Performance 25%

Physical Training 25%

Uniform Inspection 20%

Drill 20%

Test 10%

Quiz 5%


The Tiger Brigade S.T.A.F.F. Meetings are held every Wednesday.

SPRING RAIDIERS is now in session Every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 2.00pm to 4.00pm.

Marksmenship Pratice is every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.

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