Science Fair Information

  • Manage your time and resources.
  • Be honest and ethical.
  • Think creatively and critically.
  • Do your best work!

The guidelines that follow the timeline must be followed.

Form for signing up to be a judge:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the following, please contact your science teacher.

DHS Science Fair Coordinator:

Catherine Griffin
[email protected]

Guidelines for Science Fair

The local Scientific Review Committee (SRC) and possibly a Regional approval council must approve all projects before conducting any experiments.

All Florida and International Science and Engineering Fair rules must be followed. Go to for all rules and information. Your teacher will provide them in abbreviated form also. Additional Science and Inventor's Fair information found @ Mrs. Griffin's website: (under Science/Inventor’s Fair)

All students are expected to conduct original research in an ethical and honest manner.

Parent assistance should be limited to such activities as driving students to the library, assisting with acquisition of materials, and giving plenty of encouragement. Parents are NOT to conduct any part of the project or create any part of the display. (Students have been disqualified at regional, state and international competition for such assistance.)

Procedures MUST include specific directions on where and how you obtained all materials and where and how you disposed of all materials. All local, state, and federal laws and safety precautions must be followed.

KEEP original copies of ALL your science fair entry forms and research data and reports. Turn in originals only if asked to do so by your teacher.

Maintain ALL original notes, data, observations, etc. in a logbook to show the judges along with your final report.

Be a resource manager (Florida Goal 3 Standard # 3). Plan your project carefully. Waiting until the last minute to do your project will greatly reduce your grade (as different parts are due at specific times throughout the fall) and will result in a poor quality product. High quality work is expected of all Dunbar High School students at all times. Your published work will be seen by many people form the community. Make yourself and your parents proud!!!

The following guidelines are directly from the ISEF web site listed above. Your teacher will discuss these in class.

Attention for All Projects

All students must meet with their sponsor to complete Checklist for the Adult Sponsor before beginning experimentation.

Any proposed changes in the Research Plan (1A) after initial IRB and/or SRC approval must have subsequent IRB and/or SRC approval before experimentation begins/resumes.

All studies involving nonhuman vertebrate animals, pathogenic agents, controlled substances, non-exempt recombinant DNA, certain tissue studies and more than minimal risk in human subjects studies must have a Qualified Scientist to oversee the treatment of these factors in the experiment.

Adult Sponsor, Parents and Qualified Scientists cannot serve on IRB/SRC reviewing their student’s project.

The use of hazardous chemicals and equipment, firearms, radioactive substances and radiation require proper supervision by a Designated Supervisor.

The use of photographs of persons requires Informed Consent Form 4.

Thomas Alva Edison Regional Science and Engineering Fair