Carl Burnside Principal Email
Toni Hause Assistant Principal - Facilities | Attendance  Email
Christine Diamond Assistant Principal - Student Services | ESE |12th Grade Discipline Email
Matthew Miller Assistant Principal - Curriculum and School Counseling Email
Forrest Walker, Jr Assistant Principal - Student Services | Transportation | 10th Grade K-Z, 11th Grade Discipline Email
Rania Pierre-Peacock Assistant Principal - Student Services | 9th Grade, 10th Grade A-J Discipline Email

Aubrey Daniels

Athletics and Activities Director Email

School Counselors

Cassandra Davis School Counselor (G-N) Email
Heather Davis School Counselor (O-Z) Email
Deedra Rosa School Counselor (A-F) Email
Kurtis Terry School Counselor (AVID) Email


Gayle Baisch Reading Teacher | TIF Lead Teacher | Media Specialist Email Web
Elizabeth Bayer English Teacher Email Web
Belinda Bell ADE - Technology Teacher Email Web
James Bell ADE - Technology Teacher Email
Adam Bellet ESE Teacher Email
Xavier Bolden English Teacher Email Web
Tia Borstelman Reading Teacher Email
Peter Bulanda Mathematics Teacher Email
Jason Caissie ATE - Technology Teacher Email Web
Sandra Cantor Parent Involvement/Lee Virtual Teacher Email
Heather Carter Mathematics Teacher Email Web
Andrew Claassen English Teacher Email
William Coughlan Mathematics Teacher Email
Adalberto Curet Foreign Language Teacher | Spanish Email
Dwayne Donnell PE Teacher Email
Christopher Duluk Mathematics Teacher Email
Mark Dunaway ATE - Technology Teacher Email Web
Joshua Evans Science Teacher Email Web
Carl Falk Social Studies Teacher Email Web
Kimberley Freis ESE Teacher Email
Amy Fulleton ESE Teacher Email
Stephen Funderburk Technology Teacher Email
Jennifer Giles Science Teacher Email
Erin Greenblatt TV Production Teacher | Yearbook Email
Catherine Griffin Science Teacher | TIF Lead Teacher Email Web
Joe Harmer Social Studies Teacher | SGA Sponsor | Head Girls Volleyball Coach Email Web
Nina Hart Reading Teacher Email
Zachary Hopple Social Studies Teacher Email Web
Sean Humphrey Reading Teacher Email
Janna Ion PLTW Engineering Teacher Email
Derrick Jackson Reading Teacher Email
Moses Jackson Technology Teacher Email
Mario Johnson JROTC Instructor Email
Amanda Joy English Teacher Email
Estefany Justiniano Mathematics Teacher Email
Colin Kelly HOPE/PE Teacher | Drivers Education Teacher Email Web
Jill Klausing Reading Teacher Email Web
Rachel Kline Mathematics Teacher Email
Brad Lear Science Teacher Email
Robert Liddle Social Studies Teacher Email Web
William Lloyd Social Studies Teacher Email
Brett Lomnicki Mathematics Teacher Email
Patricia Loverock Reading Coach Email
Andre McGill PE Teacher Email
Maurel Merette Social Studies Teacher Email
Angela Merritt English Teacher Email Web
Laurie Metz PLTW Biomedical Teacher Email Web
Vincent Mitchell JROTC Instructor Email
Andrea Murphy Social Studies Teacher Email
Christian Nappo E2020 Teacher (Credit Recovery) Email
Steven Onorati English Teacher Email
Donald Panton Mathematics Teacher Email
Larry Philips Fine Arts Teacher Email
Malinka Philson Foreign Language Teacher Email Web
Mercedes Pichard ELL Teacher Email Web
Barbara Raymond Foreign Language Teacher Email
MaLaisha Rayner Mathematics Teacher Email Web
Sandra Rosales Science Teacher Email
Gary Rullo Science Teacher Email Web
Nathalie Sainval Language Arts Teacher Email
Frank Savage Mathematics Teacher Email Web
Phillip Savage Mathematics Teacher | TIF Lead Teacher Email Web
Alexis Schoffel English Teacher Email
Denise Spence IT Programs Manager | Lead Technology Teacher Email
Archie Stollar II Mathematics Teacher Email Web
Justin Summy PLTW Biomedical Teacher Email
Tara Tomlinson Mathematics Teacher | TIF Lead Teacher Email Web
Dan Trembley ATE - Technology Teacher Email
Evelin Truffin Foreign Language Teacher Email
Philip Vogt Science Teacher | OJT Teacher Email
Maria Vona Reading Teacher Email
Cynthia Webb ESE Teacher Email
Paul White Performance Arts Teacher Email
Brian Winter Science Teacher Email
Joscelynn Wright Science Teacher Email

Support Staff

Jeffrey Hanaburgh Bookkeeper Email
Rena Haisley Cafeteria - Food Service Manager Email
Theresa Thayer Cafeteria - Food Service Assistant Manager Email
Noemi Aceves Cafeteria - Food Service Worker Email
Marleen Aponte Cafeteria - Food Service Worker Email
Debra Gary Cafeteria - Food Service Worker Email
Chardesa Hood Cafeteria - Food Service Worker Email
Alisa Jackson Cafeteria - Food Service Worker Email
Dorothy James Cafeteria - Food Service Worker Email
Shalonda Neal Cafeteria - Food Service Worker Email
Lashaunda Presley Cafeteria - Food Service Worker Email
Sarai Ramirez Cafeteria - Food Service Worker Email
Angelina Strawder Cafeteria - Food Service Worker Email
Aurea Vargas Cafeteria - Foor Service Worker Email
Mildred Bolden Clinic | Health Services Email
Ismael Alcazar Custodian Email
Marcia Alfonso-Borot Custodian Email
Mckinely Bronson Custodian Email
Reginald Brown Custodian Email
Jose Martes Nunez Custodian Email
Carmen Ortiz Custodian Email
Zoila Perez Custodian Email
Gregory Torres Custodian Email
Luis Trujillo-Diaz Custodian Email
Sonia Villa Custodian Email
Anthony Gibbons Custodian - Building Supervisor Email
Andrew Green Custodian - Head Custodian Email
Joseph Bumsted IB Coordinator-Designate Email
Mary Barnes-Churchwell Information Specialist Email
Deputy G LCSO Resource Officer Email
Barbara Thompson Media Center Specialist Email
Yasmine Brown Paraprofessional ESE Email
Carrie Ekkel Paraprofessional ESE Email
Terroncia Fryson Paraprofessional ESE Email
Broderick Hall Paraprofessional ESE Email
Mario Henderson Paraprofessional ESE Email
Aissa Lee Paraprofessional ESE Email
Chris Singleton Paraprofessional ESE Email
Guy Thomas Paraprofessional ESE Email
Howard West Paraprofessional ESE Email
Tania Artiles Paraprofessional ESOL Email
Julea Curtis Paraprofessional ESOL Email
Ed LaCombe Paraprofessional ESOL Email
Nohora Robayo Paraprofessional ESOL Email
Karen Arnold Principal's Secretary Email
Brandi Daniels Receptionist Email
LaShawn Banks Receptionist | Athletics & Activities Secretary Email
Persida Serrano Receptionist | Clerk Typist Front Office Email
Geraldine Maldonado Records | Guidance Secretary Email
Robin Pitura School Social Worker Email
Sammy Brown, Jr. Head Varsity Football Coach | Security Email
George Mitchell III Security Email
Taruas Pugh Security Email
Jeffery Stillman Security Email
Beverly Ford Student Affairs | Attendance Secretary Email
Raymond Smith Technology Support Specialist Email
Janet Ward Testing Coordinator| School In-Service Representative Email
Patrick Comer Workforce Professional Educator | Destination Graduation Email